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Looking for a little help on how to buy a home? Here is our 10-step guide

We appreciate how difficult it can be to get your head around what is required, so here is a helpful 10-step guide to buying a home.

1. Work out your finances

This first step is vital to ensure you know how much deposit you can put forward for your home. It is also essential to work out your monthly outgoings.

2. Speak with a consultant

Speaking with a professional mortgage consultant will help you understand the affordability of your home.

3. Obtain an agreement in principle (AIP)

Your mortgage consultant will request an AIP from the selected lender to consider whether they will lend you. You will need this before you make an offer on a house.

4. Select a home

Find a home within the budget you have identified. Our Sales Advisors can chat you through the different housetypes available to suit your needs.

5. Instruct a solicitor

You will need to find a solicitor to help with the process of buying your home.

6. Provide documents and submit mortgage application

You will need to supply specific documents to continue with the mortgage process. Once all documents have been received and are in place the full mortgage application will be submitted.

7. Lender review of application

8. Mortgage offer

The lender will issue the mortgage offer to you.

9. Home Insurance

Insurance for your new home should be sought to ensure your home and contents are covered.

10. Get packing

Well done and congratulations you have bought your first Kirkwood home.

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