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A Q&A with the Veitch Family at Ury Estate, Stonehaven

Customer: The Veitch family
Housetype: The five-bed Drumallan
Development: Ury Estate, Stonehaven

Geoff and his wife Ruth, along with their two teenage boys, moved into their brand new Kirkwood home in May, and we’ve caught up with Geoff to find out what they love about Ury Estate, and their new family home.


Kirkwood Geoff and Ruth-0010 (1)


Why did you decide to move house?

“We really weren't intending on moving - we were going to do up our existing house. But my wife and sister-in-law went up to look around the Kirkwood show home at Ury Estate, and that’s when I received a text from my wife saying “OMG I want to move now!” And that’s when it all began. 

“Walking into the show home, we fell in love with the big family area, the kitchen, the dining room, the wonderful living room and the big back garden. It’s everything you’d want.

“In hindsight, doing up our house was going to cost a lot, as it was approaching 18 years old. We would have had to invest a lot to get what we wanted from it, so buying new became a very attractive option.”


Kirkwood Geoff and Ruth-0056


What drew you and your family to Stonehaven?

“I am actually born and bred Stonehaven, and we only moved maybe around 300 yards! 

“I love how everything is quite condensed and within walking distance. The harbour is a short walk away, which is perfect for grabbing a pint in the evening, and the boys walk to their Sea Cadets and Scouts.

“There are also fantastic cycling routes around the town, and as keen cyclists, this is a big reason why we love Stonehaven so much. We love spending the weekends as a family heading out on the bikes.”


Kirkwood Geoff and Ruth-0072


What do you love about living at Ury Estate?

“100% the community. You have a strong community that you can rely on, and we’ve developed really close friends here. We organise events throughout the year, and a few weeks ago we had our annual summer party on the village green, where we raised money for Charlie House. 

“It’s a great place for anybody moving to Stonehaven for the first time, as everyone is very welcoming and friendly.”


Kirkwood Geoff and Ruth-0016


What do you love about your new Drumallan home? 

“The big family area is definitely our favourite part of the house. The integrated kitchen, family and dining space means that the boys will not only come down to eat dinner, but also sit on the sofa and watch TV with us. It means we can actually get them to engage in conversation, which is a challenge with teenage boys!

“I also really like how spacious this part of our home is, and that it leads out to our back garden - it’s perfect for hosting barbecues in the summer!

“The double integrated garage is also fantastic, and it’s nice that you can go in straight from the house. I use it to store my MGF, and all of our bikes, but my wife has also got a running machine in there, so it’s a bit of a gym too.


Kirkwood Geoff and Ruth-0063


“We also love the big hallway and stairs area when you walk in, and we’re really looking forward to our first Christmas here, and getting a big tree up in this space.

“Overall, the quality of this home is incredible. I used to work in construction, and I was very impressed with the overall finish, the wood skirtings, the stairwell, the doors, and the kitchen.”


If you’re interested in moving to our beautiful Ury Estate development in Stonehaven, please don’t hesitate to get in touch. You can view our available plots by clicking the button below.


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