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A Q&A with Sarah & Ali at Countesswells

Customer: Sarah Low and Ali Gilmour

Housetype: The 3 bed Clola

Development: Countesswells 

Sarah and her fiancé Ali got the keys to their new Kirkwood home at Countesswells in June 2019. They moved up from a 2 bedroom city centre flat to a 3 bedroom semi-detached house, and have fallen in love with their new home and the surrounding area. 

We recently had a chat with Sarah, to find out more about why they chose Countesswells, and what they love most about living there…

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Why did you decide to move house?

“We had been looking on and off for a while, and we definitely knew we wanted a 3 bedroom house. 

“Location was a big thing for us, and it took a long time to work out exactly where we wanted to be. We looked at Banchory initially, and then started to explore areas closer to town. Then we found Countesswells, and loved it straight away.”

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What attracted you to Countesswells? What do you love about this location?

“The biggest thing for us is the fact that you can get into the city in 10 minutes, but you’re in the countryside too. It’s the best of both worlds.

“It was the perfect move for us from the city centre - as we can still go out and socialise, without having to spend lots of money on a taxi home.

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“We have lots of lovely walks nearby, including Countesswells woods right across the road, and a forest walk to Hazlehead Park. Another walking trail takes you to Cults or Bieldside - and last summer we actually walked to the Bieldside Inn and back, which was great. We both enjoy going out for runs or cycles, so it’s amazing having these routes so close to our house.

“We also get really beautiful sunrises and sunsets - which we didn’t see before in the city centre.

“The bypass is so close too, which allows us to get down to the central belt really quickly. We can get to Stonehaven in about 12 minutes, and you also have quick access to Banchory and Dyce. It’s the perfect location, as no place is a struggle to get to.”

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What do you like about the Countesswells development?

“The development has a really nice feel to it - it’s been a friendly and welcoming area to stay in.

"Every Wednesday there’s a fish van that comes round the development. We love this, as it gives us the chance to buy from local businesses.

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“You can also just jump in the car and drive to Airyhall Co-op or the Sainsburys in Cults if you need to get some shopping,  Kingswells and Westhill are close too if you want a bigger choice of shops. 

“There are good walking routes throughout the community too, and we often go for walks in the evening or at the weekend. It’s great to see the community growing and evolving.” 

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Why did you choose the Clola? And what do you love about your new home?

“Our house is semi-detached but it actually feels detached because of the way it’s positioned - with the other house attached to the back of our home, and not the side. When you look at the house front on, nobody is at either side.

“The thing I love the most is that you have living spaces on both the left and right when you walk in the front door. Normally with a semi-detached house, you’re either left or right oriented, but we have our kitchen and dining room on our left, the stairs are in front of you in the centre, and our living room is on the right. This makes our home feel really spacious. 

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“Every room is a good size, and we have high ceilings and wide corridors. Our living room in particular - we were shocked at how big it was! The first time we walked in to view our actual house, it felt much bigger than we had originally thought, especially compared to other homebuilders. 

“I personally love the doors! Having been in other new builds, you notice the white normal doors that they have. Our doors make a big difference - they feel heavy and good quality, and bring colour and character into our house.”

If you’re interested in moving to our beautiful Countesswells development, please don’t hesitate to get in touch. You can view our available homes by clicking the button below.

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